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HANOVER TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT Internal Affairs Complaint/Report Form (For any Law Enforcement Agency in Morris County, including the Morris County Prosecutor's Office) Gray areas are for internal
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Who may find Police Report useful?

This form can be used by the Hanover Township police officers for reporting on the complaints and incidents.

What is Police Report Used For?

This form is used for reporting incidents. After collecting all the information officer has to fill out this form and take it to the Hanover Township Police Department. It is used for incident registration. Every incident gets it’s own ID number. The further investigation is made after the police report is processed.

Should I Attach Any Other Forms to Police Report?

This form is not accompanied by other forms. It's a self-contained form.

What Information should be Provided in Police Report?

While filling out Police Report you should mention the following information:

You should leave an information about the name while filling out the form. Don't forget to fill in the address field. You should also mention alias while filling out Police Report. Police Report also requires city, state, zip, phone to be provided. You should also mention your date of birth, age and sex while filling out Police Report.

While filling out this form you can mention your race (optional for statistics). You should also mention employer or school information, including phone, address, city, state, zip while filling out Police Report.

Incident including nature of complaint, date and time it happened, date and time it was reported etc. are essential fields to be filled in. Police Report also requires description of the incident to be provided. You should leave a description of injuries if there were any while filling out the form.

Police Report also requires signature to be placed on the bottom of the report.

If there is other data to be reported concerning the incident you should provide it in other comments field.

Police Report also requires current date to be provided.

Where should I File Police Report?

After filling out the police report you should send or take it to the Hanover Township Police Department.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing police report form
Instructions and Help about blank police report form
Two new videos surfaced today in the shooting death of a young man New Year's Day at an East Bay BART station via BART police officer one witness captured the actual shooting with a cell phone but you'll see only on channel 2 because of the controversial nature of the shooting and the question surrounding it KTVU decided to air the video the video may be key in the case to help shed some light into what happened immediately before the officer fired his gun but we also want to warn viewers you may find the video disturbing to watch and may want to turn away ktvu's Ken Pritchett reports this is the Fruitvale BART station at 2:00 a.m. New Year's Day as captured on video by 19 year-old karina vargas you can see this is the BART door I'm in my BART train they're pulling these boys out of the train in front of our train vargas was on the same train as 22 year old oscar grant grant along with several other young men were pulled from the train by BART police officers after a report of a fight the train was held and Vargas began filming as police detained the suspects three of whom were cupped but not the victim Oscar Grant he puts his hands up right here telling the cops they're all being cooperative they're all telling the cops okay okay okay and they're just sitting down Vargas continued for several minutes to film police as they work to control the situation and then her attention turned to an arrest right at her side that's when she heard the shot grant was fatally wounded he's not squirming she's not fidgeting he's being cooperative then they start here the gunshot turned back look at his face he's in pain while Vargas did not have a clear view of the incident another witness with a cell phone camera had a direct view which showed grant at one point holding his hands out than appearing to cooperate with officers moments later two officers can be seen moving grants from a seated position against the wall and then onto the floor officers positioned grant face-first on the floor with one officer near his head a second near his back and a third officer standing nearby there appeared to be a brief struggle then a two year veteran BART officer stands draws his weapon and fires after the fatal shot you can see the officers react to what just happened why did he take his gun we showed the video to John Burroughs who represents Grant's family it doesn't appear that that was necessary they had this person that pulled him off from a sitting position against the wall and then they were rest pushed wrestling a putting him down and they were turning him over two officers were one was in his neck area and the other was straddling over him and while he was doing that as if he was reaching for his handcuffs he reached where it's done Burris says he has seen other video from that night but none that show the incident directly he says what he has seen matches the description given by witnesses it makes no sense when you have the person in that position that you would...